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Level 1 Instructor Course

The class covers archery range set-up, archery range safety, rules, procedures, commands and the teaching the basic form. There is a final written exam. The written part takes 1 hour. You will be mailed the course books before the class and you are expected to perform Self-Directed Learning of the book material; which is expected to take 6-8 hours of study. The course materials will be sent about one week before the class. You must pass with 75% for the written exam. Once you pass the exam, you will be certified as a Level 1 Instructor; you will receive your certification at the successful conclusion of the final exam.

Requirements for receiving Level 1 Instructor Certification:

The class day is either 8 or 12 hours long. The written exam in the first thing in the morning. You must pass the written exam with a 75% or better. If you fail the written exam, you may take the exam again at a later date. The next 4 - 5 hours are spent teaching you how to shoot archery. The is a short lunch break, 30 minutes. Then 4 - 6 hours are spent teaching you how to teach archery.

The course costs $100 per person.

The first payment of $40 is due with registration. The payment can be by check payable to Ace Archers, Inc. and sent to:

Ace Archers, Inc.

PO Box 174

Foxboro, MA 02035-0174

The final payment of $60 can be made in cash, check, credit card or debit card on the day of the course. All course materials are provided.

Registration is required. Please email Tom Herrington at therrington@acearchers.com with you name, age, gender, mailing address and telephone number by the close of registrations for each course.  

The course is 8 hours or 12 hours long, depending on class size. If there are 12 or less students, then the class is 8 hours long. If there are more than 12 students, the class is 12 hours long. The instructor will notify you if the course is 12 hours long. The schedule below is for less than 12 students. If there 12 or more students, you will be notified and the time will be from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. The Level 1 Instructor Course dates are:

Please bring a lunch and plan on a very short (30 minute) break for lunch. Please bring writing materials.

The course is taught by Tom Herrington, USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach.

If you have any questions, please contact the instructor, Coach Tom, at either 508-697-5647 or via email at therrington@acearchers.com.



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8:00 am - 6:00 pm