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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching offers the archer the chance to work with a single coach for either a 30 minute or 60 minute session. Usually the archer has a issue that needs additional attention or wishes to learn additional information or just wants the one-on-one focus that an individual coaching session can provide.

Individual Coaching allows the coach and the athlete to develop a better understanding of the athletes goals, strengths, weakness, personality and develops a one-one-one relationship between the athlete and the coach. The relationship is required to help the athlete transition from their current level to the next level of archery. In other words individual coaching provides the key to archery success.

Individual Coaching can address the following areas:

Currently our rates for individual coaching is $35 per half hour or $50 per hour. An individual coaching session can be either for one or two archers. Individual Coaching is open  for all levels of archers, beginners to elite athletes.