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Tournament Class is for competitive archers wishing to succeed in local, state, national and international archery tournaments. The athletes are required to perform calisthenics, stretching, aerobic exercise, specific physical training and shoot 100-200 arrows 5 days per week.

Admission to the Tournament Class requires a minimum score of 200 points in a Qualification Round, working knowledge of the KSL Shot Cycle, knowledge of your tournament archery goals and a good work ethic to achieve your goals.

All Tournament Class participants need the following equipment:

Good Bow (not a wooden riser for FITA Compound and Olympic Recurve)

Good String (Dynema, Olefin or Vectran for FITA Compound)

Good Indoor Arrows

Good Outdoor Arrows (carbon or carbon/aluminum, wooden for Traditional)

Good Sight (aluminum or carbon, not allowed for Barebow & Traditional)

Long Stabilizer (not allowed for Barebow or Traditional)

Good Finger Tab, Shooting Glove or Mechanical Release

FormMaster or Shot Trainer

Total Archery, Inside the Archer, by KiSik Lee

Training Log Book

Coach Tom Herrington directs the class, builds the training plans, and reviews the training logs for all Tournament Class athletes. Once a quarter the participants must meet with Coach Tom to review their goals and the progress towards the goals.

At least once a month all participants are required to shoot a Qualification Round, either indoors or outdoors. A minimum score for a White Star must be achieved to continue in the class.

After the first six months in the class, you are required to attend at least four indoor tournaments and three outdoor tournaments per year.

From the 1st week in April to the 1st week in August, the Tournament Class we will be meeting outdoors. Since we are in New England and the weather is totally obnoxious, please call ahead to the shop to confirm where we are meeting and if we are meeting outdoors.

Most members of the Tournament Class also qualify for membership in Team Aces. Please review the benefits and responsibilities of being a team member.

Tournament Class