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COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted

For Release on Saturday, 5/22/21

Wow! What a week! I go away for a five day vacation, and I come back, and the world is changed! In Massachusetts, as of Saturday, 5/29/2021, the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted! For us, occupancy will be 100% and for those fully vaccinated there is no longer a mask mandate. For the shop this means on Saturday, 5/29/21:

Also, USA Archery, changed the emphasis in training archers, both beginning and intermediate archers. The changes will drastically improve the learning for both Beginner and Intermediate archers. The recommendations from USA Archery were put on hold in March 2020 and now the changes are being implemented. These changes from USA Archery require changes to our Archery Class Curriculums.

With all these changes, we need to do a lot of work.

Saturday morning, 5/29/21, is when we can restore the shop for its normal condition. Ace Archers, Inc. will be ready on Saturday, 529/21, at 1:30 pm.

With these changes, we are delaying the start of the next Archery Classes as follows:

All class participants will be notified by email and a personal phone call on Saturday, 5/22/21.