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We Are Still Open


The last three days have been tumultuous. On Tuesday, 12/8/2020, Governor Baker rolled back the Re-Opening Plan to Phase 3 Step 1 with Executive Order 58 “Order Returning All Municipalities to Phase III, Step 1 COVID-19 Safety Rules”. It looked like we would have to close on Sunday, 12/13/2020, until further notice. (Since 7/7/2020, Ace Archers, Inc. was classified as a COVID-19 “Youth and Adult Amateur Sport Facility” and the rollback requires all “Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Facilities” to close.)

After discussions with the Foxborough Department of Health, and the State Department of Health, Ace Archers, Inc. has been reclassified as a “Indoor Recreation Facility”. This means we can continue operation at 40% of our capacity. We do not have to close on Sunday, 12/13/2020!

What does 40% of capacity mean? It means that the rule of “8 persons per 1,000 square feet of floor space” applies. With a facility of 7,004 square feet, we can have up to 56 persons in the facility, including staff people, and 40% of 56 people is 22 people. Our capacity of 16 archers with 4 staff members can still be used. There is no change to the way we have been operating since 7/7/2020.

We have a maximum of 22 people in the shop. That will mean we continue with the 16 archers, 2-3 people in the retail area and 3-4 staff members.

  1. We will remain open. There will be no changes to hours we are open.
  2. We can remain at the current staff levels, no lay-offs!
  3. I will begin contacting all the cancelled reservations and putting them back into place if the reservation holder wants to re-instate their reservation.