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Expansion And Alignment

For outdoor shooting, our focus is on alignment, both at set-up and after transfer into holding is complete. You need the correct set-up to make sure you draw your outdoor bow with correct form and you need transfer to get into holding so that you can aim longer outdoors.Indoor expansion should take only 3 seconds, but while outdoors expansion should last between 5-7 seconds. This is to make absolutely sure the sight picture is correct and the core is controlled.

The vision should be focused on the aiming point during set-up and continued until the shot is completed with follow through.

Set-up, Expansion, And Aiming

The string is next to the aperture

The aperture is aiming at the correct place

Aiming must take only 1-3 seconds

Now Aiming is done and you can complete expansion. Aiming and expansion happen together

Outdoor expansion is longer due to longer aim and a greater need to control the core

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