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How Many Arrows Per Day?

How many arrows should you shoot a day? That depends on how badly you want to get better. If you want to be a “good” archer, someone who can put the arrow into the red/yellow all the time, then you need to shoot 4-5 times a week and shoot 80-100 arrows per day. If you want to be a “great” archer, someone that can put the arrow into the yellow all the time, you need to shoot 100-120 arrows per day 5 times a week. If you want to be a “champion” archer, someone who can put the arrow into the 10 most of the time, you need to shoot 5 times a week with at least 120 arrows per day. If you live for being “Olympic” archer, then shooting 120-200 arrows per day 6 days a week is enough to easily make you a State Champion and in the top ten for National Champion.

Many magical things happen when we shoot lots of arrows 4-5 times a week. You get stronger. You find you can shoot easier. You find that you shoot more consistently. You develop “muscle memory” or neurological path ways get built to shoot; in other words you build a nerve pattern of how to shoot. Building muscle memory takes many arrows.

But something really happens to us when we shoot at least 120 arrows a day. That minimum 120 arrow mark is some sort of neurological break point and when you hit 120 arrows a day, really great things begin to happen. You really start to get better and your skills really start to grow fast.

WOW! That is a lot of arrows every day! Yes, but you do not need to shoot that many arrows at a target; you just need to shoot arrows. But how do I shoot arrows without a target? You use three tools you already have:

  1. Your Stretch Band
  2. Your Bow
  3. Mirror

Use your stretch band to shoot 60 “arrows” in front of the mirror. Make you shot sequence (form) perfect. Every part of the shot sequence must be correct. After all you are teaching your muscle memory what to do! If you teach your muscle memory the wrong stuff, you will get wrong results. If you teach your muscle memory the right stuff you will be great! The right stuff includes Posture and Stance, Grip and Hook (Set), Mindset (“see” yourself doing the shot sequence correctly), Coiling and Lift (Set-up with the barrel of the gun), Drawing (with angular motion), Load Position, Anchor (tight and full), Transfer, Expansion (with aim), Releases (both bow release and string release), Follow Through and Relax and Review. You need to make each shot the best shot it can be.

Use your bow to shoot 30 “arrows” in front of the mirror. Now that you have changed from the stretch band to the bow in front of the mirror, you still have to make each shot perfect; but there is no Release (no bow release and no string release) and no Follow Through. Really watch yourself in the mirror and make sure each part of the shot sequence is perfect.

While doing mirror work, if any step is incorrect, stop the shot at the wrong motion and during the next Mind Set review that motion, the physically do it correctly. Doing the motion correctly is critical! If you do it wrong you will teach your muscle memory to do it wrong! (Then you’ll wonder why you cannot hit the yellow all the time.) Executing the steps correct is very important.

Now go shoot 30 arrows into a target. If you don’t have a range at home or you can’t get to Ace Archers, Inc. then shoot another 30 arrows with your bow in front of the mirror. You do need to shoot at least two days a week at a target with 80-200 arrows per day. (Could that be why the Combo Class Card has two practice sessions per week?)

What is the greatest cost for great archery? Your commitment to doing what is required. If you want to be great, shoot at least 120 “arrows” per day.


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