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Now that the posture, stance, arrow are loaded and you have made a good hook and grip, the archer must prepare for the shot. All extraneous thoughts must be banished by focusing on the steps of the Shot Cycle.

Archers must keep their focus on the Shot Cycle from this point until after the shot is completed.

  1. Take two or three calming breaths.
  2. Focus the mind on the Shot Cycle by reviewing the steps (Set, Set-up, Draw, Load, Anchor, Transfer into Holding, Aim, Expansion, Release and Follow Through)
  3. “Watch” the arrow strike the center of the target.
    • The best way to do this is to image yourself shooting an arrow perfectly into the 10.
  4. During Practice especially focus on the one thing you are working on.
    • Remember, during Practice we work on only 1 thing at a time, trying to make it perfect.

Once Mindset is complete, we are at Set.

During Set we are ready for the Coil and Lift so we can draw the bow.

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