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Transfer and Holding

Transfer is moving the draw shoulder into the Holding Position and putting the Draw elbow in line with or behind the arrow line. Without a proper Transfer, Holding cannot be achieved and everything else is meaningless.


Transfer is two actions achieved through one thought process. Transfer is moving LAN2 angularly further behind the archer while making the bow arm even straighter and reaching the bow hand towards the target with the pressure point. The Transfer thought process is moving all extraneous tension and focus from the other body parts into the movement of LAN2 further behind the archer along the shooting line. The final position for LAN2 after Transfer is the draw elbow either in line with the arrow or behind the arrow. While Transfer ends in Holding Position, LAN2 never stops moving along the shooting line behind the archer.

Starting with the Stretch Band we learn the Transfer and then use the Form Strap to learn correct LAN2 movement. (A Form Strap is a 6’ piece of ½” to ¾” nylon webbing with a buckle at one end made into a loop.) The Stretch Band and mirror are used to make sure that we have the proper barrel of the gun and perform the Transfer movement. Once we understand Transfer movement, we use the Form Strap learn how to move LAN2. The Form Strap is set-up with the string hand 1” to 2” short of the Anchor Position. You need to make sure you are using LAN2 and only LAN2 to perform Transfer. The motion is to move LAN2 angularly behind the archer following the shooting line while feeling the shoulder blade slide along the back towards the spine. The Form Strap prevents the draw shoulder from sliding sideways. The following cannot occur: draw shoulder sliding sideways; the bow arm collapsing (breaking the barrel of the gun and moving the bow hand towards the body’s front); the bow shoulder riding up; the draw shoulder riding up; movement of the draw elbow without movement of the draw shoulder unit. With the form strap in place, you must move LAN2 behind you along the shooting line while feeling the shoulder blade sliding towards the spine.

Holding Position

Holding Position is the proper alignment of the barrel of the gun, with LAN2 having brought the draw elbow either into line with the arrow or behind the arrow. In Holding Position the bow arm has brought the bow hand, bow arm and bow shoulder into weight bearing position (the barrel of the gun) and the draw elbow and shoulder unit also into a weight bearing position (which is in line or slightly behind the arrow).  Now, the archer must “relax into the bow” which means to allow the weight bearing position to happen without using muscular strength to constantly pull the bow apart, but to allow the body to “relax between the riser and the bow string”, and use minimal energy to push the bow apart. Remember, LAN2 will continuously move along the shooting line. The Drawing Action and Load Position are pulling the bow string into the Anchor Position but now Transfer is “pushing” the bow apart into Holding Position.

Successful completion of the Holding Position is a position of great strength with little effort. The archer is in Holding Position and resists the bow with minimum effort.


The rhythm for Drawing into Load Position and moving to Anchor now adds Transfer. The rhythm is “one, twoooooooo, three” with “one” being the completion of Draw into Loading Position, “twoooooooo” being the movement from Loading Position into Anchor Position and the adjustment of the draw hand into proper Anchor Position followed by a short pause before “three” which is the Transfer into Holding Position. The rhythm of “one, twoooooooo, three” is required to achieve correct Holding Position. If the archer rushes through the “twoooooooo” into Transfer and Holding Position without correct

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