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What is Practice for an Archer?

Every athlete must practice their sport to get better; without practice you will not improve. But just what is Archery Practice? Do you just shoot lots of arrows? Sure a good practice schedule does have lots of shooting and opportunities to score, but Archery Practice is executing some part of the Archery Form to make it better. The vast majority of practice is not just shooting arrows or scoring. You have to work on some part of the form and make it better. I recommend that you build a practice schedule that includes the following:

You need to mix up the items above, don’t do all of them in a single day. I do recommend stretch band practice every day, but you don’t have to draw a light bow in the mirror every day or shoot 120 arrows every day or use a Shot Trainer every day or shoot a score every day. Practice must be fun! Mix it up! Practice to be a better archer!

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