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What to Do During A Shooting Session

While the activities performed can be very similar, shooting sessions vary in difficulty levels depending on your archery skill level. This is because regardless of your level, the purpose of a shooting session is to improve your abilities through practice!

So what should you be focusing on when you step onto the range?

Spend Time Shooting At Your Distance

Additionally, spending time going through your movements with a stretch band and checking your stance in a mirror are great ways to make sure your shot is correct! This step takes you away from just target shooting and makes sure that you are not reinforcing bad habits.

Of course, during all this you should be having fun, sports are meant to be enjoyable!

Make Practice Fun

Repetition is how we learn, but it can also become dull after long periods of time. So how can you keep the practice from going stale?

As your archery skills develop you will find the sport becomes more fun! A feeling of accomplishment comes from knowing that when new challenges arise you have the ability to meet them.

Remember you’re doing shooting sessions to improve your abilities and to have fun!
Ace Archers is staffed with great instructors who are more than happy to help in any way they can with whatever you are struggling with.

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