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Archery Leagues

Archery Leagues are a great way to join your archery friends in shooting! We offer leagues on Tuesdays, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, or when the competition ends for the day. You do not need your own equipment, you can use our rental equipment.

The league meets for 12 weeks. The first two weeks are for average to establish teams, followed by 8 weeks of competition, a weeks of finals, and then a awards banquet when we distribute the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies to the winning teams!

The competition is divided into two 4 week halves. The 1st and 2nd place team of the first and second half compete in the finals for overall league champions!

The fees are:

We meet 4 times a year, leaving one week between each session in case of weather difficulties. The schedule is subject to change.

The 2023/2024 schedule is:

League #1: 9/5/23 to 11/21/23

League #2: 12/5/23 to 2/20/24

League #3: 3/5/24 to 5/21/24

League #4: 6/4/24 to 8/20/24

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