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Hook and Grip

The Hook and Grip are how we how we connect to the string and hold the bow and. Since the Hook and Grip are the only places we touch the bow, we must do this properly. First we make a good Hook (string hand) and slightly pull on the bow string; next we make a […]

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Stance and Posture

Stance The Stance is the placement and control of the lower half of the body, from the hips down. The KSL Open Stance creates a solid foundation for the shot. Once the proper stance is achieved, it does not change until after the shot is completed. One foot on each side of the shooting line […]

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How Many Arrows Per Day?

How many arrows should you shoot a day? That depends on how badly you want to get better. If you want to be a “good” archer, someone who can put the arrow into the red/yellow all the time, then you need to shoot 4-5 times a week and shoot 80-100 arrows per day. If you […]

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What is Practice for an Archer?

Every athlete must practice their sport to get better; without practice you will not improve. But just what is Archery Practice? Do you just shoot lots of arrows? Sure a good practice schedule does have lots of shooting and opportunities to score, but Archery Practice is executing some part of the Archery Form to make […]

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