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Ace Archers offers a comprehensive range of instruction for archers of all levels at the pace of each individual student in group classes using our curriculum that features USA Archery’s National Training System.

Our certified archery instructors are ready to help you achieve your archery goals, whether it just means having fun or getting a perfect score. Equipment is provided, if necessary, and students are guided through perfecting form in a fun environment that brings the excitement of archery to students aged eight and older.

Group Archery Classes

Ace Archers offers Beginners, Intermediate, and Tournament classes based on each archer’s ability. To join a class, you need to call 774-215-5292 and make a reservation for the day and session. To join the Tournament Class, please see Coach Tom for an evaluation of your skills.

We offer special events during class times and special classes outside of the normal schedule. The special events during class time are Shooting for Stars!™ and in Can You Shoot It?™ Shooting for Stars!™ is when you shoot under tournament conditions and earn you JOAD and Adult Program Pins. Can You Shoot It?™ is a fun activity where we shoot at different targets and items.

Outside of class we offer special classes and Ace Archers JOAD Tournaments. We offer two indoor and three outdoor tournament and we participate in the quarterly USA Archery Virtual Tournaments.

To join the class please:

1. Book your class below, cand reserve a place in the class you wish to join.

Beginner Class

Beginner Class Gift Card

Intermediate Class

Intermediate Class Gift Card

2. Fill out the application and bring it with you to the first class!

If you will have difficulty attend all eight sessions, please speak with Coach Tom.

All students must join USA Archery, by using USA ARchery’s Membership page. As you join USA Archery, please select Ace Archers JOAD as you club. Students under 21 years old are part of JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development). Students over 20 years old are part of Adult Archery Program.

Beginner Classes:
Wednesdays 6 pm to 8 pm
Saturdays 9 am- 11 am
Fridays 7 pm- 9 pm

Intermediate Classes:
Wednesdays 6 pm to 8 pm
Fridays: 7 pm – 9 pm
Saturdays: 11 am – 1 pm

Tournament Class:
Tournament Class is by  invitation only. At most, we can accommodate 16 archers.
Sundays: 9:45 am- 11:45 am
To join a class, you must fill out an application, make a reservation for the session by calling 774-215-5292. You do not need to attend Discovery Archery Classs

Discover Archery Class

Discover Archery Classes are held on Fridays from 6-7 pm and Sundays from 2-3 pm, students are introduced to the basics of archery and safety on the range. Students learn about range safety, equipment, the basics of the USA Archery National Training System archery form.

Book Discover Archery Class on Friday

Book Discover Archery on Sundays

Discover Archery on Sundays Gift Card

Video Coaching

Video Coaching is when we video the athlete shooting from six different positions (Front, Draw Elbow Side, Behind, Anchor, Bow Hand and Above) . Then the video is analyzed by Coach Tom Herrington with the archer to determine what changes are needed to improve the:

A written report is supplied to the archer for the changes to be made in the archers shooting technique.

If Coach Tom discovers an improperly set-up bow, then the bow must be set-up correctly before the video session begins. (Video coaching must be done with a correctly set-up bow and a matched arrow.)

The price for video coaching is $100 for a one hour session. Please call the shop at 774-215-5292 or email us to make an appointment with Coach Tom.