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Beginner Archery Class

Beginner Archery Class with Equipment
Beginning Archery Class using own Equipment

Starting in archery? The best place to start learning how to shoot well is our Beginner Archery Class. We cover the basics of proper archery form and have fun learning archery in a group setting. Each archery class has USA Archery Certified instructors and coaches and participants aged 8 and up are welcome to join our classes. Each class is 2 hours long and each session runs for 8 weeks.

Beginner archery classes for will be on an 8 week schedule. Classes for students wishing to learn with a recurve bow,  longbow or compound bow will take place on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm or Fridays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm or Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. You choose one day of the week for your session, and attend only on that day. Students for are expected to arrive 15 minutes before class starts to get their equipment set up.

The first 6 weeks will cover the major topics for the National Training System Form, adjusted for the Beginning Archer. The topics are the major steps in the form:

  • Unit 1 – Steps of Shooting, Alignment, Grip & Hook, String Release
  • Unit 2 – Posture & Stance, Set, Mind Set
  • Unit 3 – Lift & Coil, Set-up
  • Unit 4 – Angular Draw, Anchor, Transfer into Holding, Rhythm
  • Unit 5 – Expansion, Aim, Timing, Use of an Archery Sight
  • Unit 6 – Bow Release & Follow Through
  • Unit 7 – Complete Shot Cycle Review & Learn how to Score
  • Unit 8 – Can You Shoot It? & Shooting for Stars!

The 7th week will pull all that you have learned together. The 8th class will be Shooting for Stars! & Can You Shoot It?™ 

The fee for the Beginners Archery Class is $280 per session per person when using your own equipment. When you are renting equipment (bow, arrows, quiver, arm guard) the fee is $320 per session.

All classes are sessions that have a start date and an end date. Please see the session schedule.

Archery is a lifetime sport and there is always more to learn! After completing the Beginner curriculum and showing Intermediate aptitude, students move on to the Intermediate Archery Class.