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Drop-in Classes

Drop-in Classes are special classes between the end of the 2019 Summer Archery Classes and the start of the 2019 Fall Archery Classes. The classes are special topics that cover archery competition activities that we cannot cover in a regular archery class. Each class costs $25. The class will run during the regular Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Class. To attend a Drop-in Class, just come in on the date the class is being offered!

The times for the Drop-in Classes are:

Please join us for one

The 2019 Drop-in Classes are:

Indoor Team Event on Wednesday, 8/7/2019, Friday, 8/16/2019, and Saturday, 8/24/2019

During the Indoor Team Event Drop-In Class we make  teams of archers and hold a Team Event. There are two types of teams:

During the Team Event Drop-in Class we will make three archer teams for the first hour and then mixed teams for the 2nd hour.

Match Round – On Wednesday 8/14/2019, Friday 8/23/2019, and Saturday 8/31/209

A Match Round or Elimination Round is when a team or archer shoots against another team or archer. The winner “advances” and the loser “retires.” This is a single elimination activity. There is a very strict method to assign the individual pairs. Usually there is a Qualification Round that is shot to assign the ranking of the teams or individuals. (Teams are the added up scores of all the member of the team). Then the matches are shot in 1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 rounds. As each team or individual “advances” they more on to the next set of matches. Once the 1/4 or quarter finals are shot the two winners advance to the Gold Match and the two loser advance to the Bronze Match. The winner of Gold Match receives the Gold Award, the loser receives the Silver Award. The winner of the Bronze Match receives the Bronze Award and the loser receives notoriety for losing the Bronze Match.

Arrow Selection and Testing – On Wednesday 8/21/2019, Friday 8/30/2019, and Saturday 9/7/2019

The Arrow Selection and Testing Drop-in Class helps you learn how choose an arrow for your bow, your draw weight, and what you intend the arrow to do. You will learn:

After selecting the arrow, you need an arrow technician to build a first arrow, and then test the arrow.You’ll learn

This is an in-depth and technical class about arrows.

String Selection – On Wednesday 8/28/2019 and Friday 9/6/2019

You will learn the parts of a string, what materials go into those parts and why you need to be selective in choosing the parts of your string. Then we’ll learn how to test a string and see the effects on you arrow flight.

There are literally dozens of string materials and serving materials on the market today. You have hundreds of combination of string materials, center serving materials, and end serving materials! Which materials go well together? Are there restrictions on material combinations? What about colors? What should the length of your string be? How many twists should you put into your string? Come to the String Selection Drop in Class and find out!

Bow Selection – On Wednesday 9/4/2019

You will learn about different riser and limb designs and how to pick the correct bow design, draw weight, and limb length for you.