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Recurve Tuning Clinic

Coach Tom Herrington will be leading a Recurve Bow Tuning Clinic for archers to learn how to tune, or adjust, their Recurve Bow (Olympic or Barebow with an adjustable rest and plunger). The Seminar runs from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on 11/19/22 or 1/28/23. The fee for the seminar is $50/person and limited to 5 archers.

Recurve Tuning Clinic

The clinic covers:

  1. Parts of Bow & Arrow
    1. You need to know this to discuss how to tune the Recurve Bow
  2. Tools needed to Tune your Bow
  3. Setting Brace Height
  4. Setting Tiller
  5. Arrow Spine
    1. There are two different arrow spines – static and dynamic
    2. How to choose the correct static spine, maybe
    3. How to test for the correct spine
    4. How to tune the dynamic arrow spine
  6. Anatomy of a Rest and Plunger
    1. What you can adjust on the Rest and Plunger
    2. What the arrow should look like when on the bow
    3. Basic Adjustments of Rest and Plunger
  7. Setting the Nock Height
    1. Basic Nock Height
    2. Testing and Adjusting Nock Height
    3. Setting Nock Height for String Walking
  8. Setting the Correct Plunger Depth
    1. Shooting Through Paper
    2. Shooting at 18 m/20 yards to test Plunger Depth and Nock Height
  9. Testing Bow Tune
    1. “Tuning for Tens” by Rick Stonebraker
    2. Berger Method
    3. Easton Short Distance Method
  10. Recording your Tune

If you wish to sign up for the clinic, please call the shop at 774-215-5292 or email us and reserve your spot!