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Closed for COVID-19

3/16/2020 Ace Archers, Inc. Closing Due to COVID-19

Updated 3/30/2020 – Federal Government Recommends Social Distancing Until 4/30/2020 – Updates are in bold.

Updated 3/31/2020 – Massachusetts State Government Recommends Social Distancing until 5/4/2020 – Updates are in bold.

Updated 4/1/2020 – World Archery will not recognize a Start Tournament if held before 6/30/2020 – Update are in bold.

Updated 4/1/2020 – USA Archery has delayed all tournaments until at least 6/30/2020.

Updated 4/24/2020 – Opening Date is not determined. Waiting for advice from State and/or Federal Government

Updated 5/18/2020 – Closed until at least 6/9/2020. If there are decreased health care indicators, the each phase will be delayed.

Updated 5/18/2020 – We are opening for retail sales starting Monday, 6/8/2020.

Update 6/7/2020 – Youth program can start 6/11/2020 – Youth are those 17 years old and younger. This means Thursday practice for Aces Wild and Team Aces and Team Aces on Sundays.

Updated 5/18/2020 – We are opening the range starting on Monday, 6/29/2020.

Updated 6/19/2020 – Governor Baker has delayed the Range Opening until at earliest Tuesday, 7/7/2020 so that he can review restaurant indoor seating health data.

Here at Ace Archers, Inc. we have unfortunate news: The shop is temporarily closing until we open the retail area on 6/8/2020, Youth program can start 6/11/2020, and the range on 7/7/2020. We are doing this in an overabundance of caution and to cooperate with the governmental efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. While we do not have more than 25 people in the shop at a time, we do not want our employees or customers exposed to COVID-19.

Since there is much not known about the duration of this crisis, if the governments recommend that we stay closed longer, we will be closed longer. If we can open earlier, we will open earlier.

All work on bows and arrows will stop immediately. If you have an item on order, or items that we are working on, please email us at sales@acearchers.com to set-up a one-on-one appointment to get your items. Social distancing will be enforced during the appointments. If we are ill, the appointment will be canceled. If you are ill, we expect you to cancel the appointment too. If you do not wish to get the item(s) until we re-open, that is not a problem!

Coach Tom will be producing practice blogs for you to practice your archery skills. Since he is (I am) a boring person, any suggestions for fun things to shoot are always welcome.

If you have made a reservation until further notice it will be cancelled.

If you have made a pre-paid reservation, it will be refunded in full.

All Archery Classes are suspended.

All Archery Leagues are suspended. 

The 2020 Indoor Archer’s Cup is cancelled. All tournaments fees are being refunded.

The 2020 Cobweb Classic is cancelled. All tournament fees are being refunded.

The Summer Camps are cancelled.

All Instructor Courses are cancelled.

We look forward to seeing you! (COVID-19 cooperating)