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Then schedule a Service appointment and get your bow fixed! Service usually costs $75/hours. We only charge for the time used to make the repair.

We work on all makes and models of bows: compound, recurve, longbow, and traditional. (Sorry, we do not work on Oneida Compound bows.) If you need it done our certified bow technicians can take care of your needs! Just click the button below and schedule your appointment!

Tom Herrington can work on compounds, Recurves, Barebows, Longbows, and Traditional Bows.
Service with Tom Herrington

Do you need your bow optimized? This is called Bow Tuning! Coach Tom can help you tune your bow by setting the:

Please bring you bow, arrows, finger tab/shooting glove, and mechanical release (compound only) and the archer. Bow tuning is at $75/hour. Most tuning activities use 1 hour of time.

Bow Tuning – Tom Herrington