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Win & Win and WNS Demo Days

Win & Win and WNS Demo Days are two days, Wednesdays, 8/28/2019 and 9/4/2019, when you can come in and try any of the Win & Win and WNS Olympic Style Recurve Bows. The bows will have rests, plungers, sights, and stabilizers on them. We’ll set the limb length, draw weight, and arrow rest that you need. You can then shoot the bow with your finger tab release and our arrows. If you decide to buy a bow, there will be a 10% off all accessories and the minimum advertised price for the bow will be available.

The Win & Win bows are:

The WNS bows are:

You don’t need a reservation, just come in and try a bow!

You can’t make on these nights? No Worries! Just come in and try a Win & Win or WNS bow when you can! We’re always happy to help you!