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The Fire in our Complex

Yesterday, 10/4/2020, we had a tragedy in our complex. Duke’s Place, a business on the opposite side from us, had a fire that gutted their building. The fire started about 7:00 am and was extinguished about 10:30 am. The building and the business are a total loss.

I am thankful for all 8 fire departments that responded to the fire:

Their professionalism and dedication prevented a tragedy from becoming a horror story.

The fire started in the complex’s substation which was housed in the Duke’s Place building. That substation provides most of the electrical power to the complex and must be rebuilt. Luckily, we have a transformer that supplies most of our electricity near our front door and that transformer appears to be operational.

Since we were not allowed into the building yesterday, other than a quick inspection, before power was restored, I can say that our facility sustained no damage.

The power was restored to Ace Archers, Inc. later Sunday afternoon, through the transformer outside our front door. That transformer provides 2 of the 3 “legs” for us. Later today, I will be visiting the shop to see if we have complete power to open the shop. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more status updates.

I am very pleased to say that no one was injured during the fire or as a result of the fire. I am asking for you prayers and good wishes for the owners and workers of Duke’s Place.

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