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Travel Team

The Travel Team is the archery team supported by Ace Archers club. Travel Team attends all the SAAM and local FITA tournaments and USA Archery Indoor Nationals. Travel Team members compete together with the assistance of the Ace Archers instructors and coaches. To build team spirit and improve the individual’s skills, Travel Team members and coaches practice together on Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Travel Team members must be Ace Archers members in good standing. Travel Team members must be members of USA Archery. Travel Team members are required to attend four of the Indoor Tournaments and USA Archery Indoor Nationals or USA Archery JOAD Nationals. JOAD Member must attend USA Archery JOAD Nationals. Adult member must attend USA Archery Indoor Nationals. JOAD members may attend USA Archery Indoor Nationals but are not required to attend USA Archery JOAD Indoor Nationals.

Members of the Ace Archers, are invited to join the Travel Team when the athlete earns their Black Star. The Travel Team is limited to 20 members. If there is not a spot open on the Travel Team, then the athlete is put on a wait list.

The Travel Team needs to choose a team name and team shirt colors. Travel Team shirt colors cannot be: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, or Maroon. The Travel Team name must be approved by the Ace Archers coaches and instructors. Once the Travel Team name is chosen, then that is the permanent name for the Travel Team. Once the Travel Team shirt color is selected that is the shirt color for the Travel Team.