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Archery Leagues

Currently, all leagues are resuming on 7/7/2020! Those wanting an earlier time can come in at 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm. Those wishing the regular time, it is still 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Please pick you time belown:

If you have prepaid for you league, please use the Promo Code: LTOIKS59. You will use the Promo Code on the payment page in the upper right area.

League Day

Archery leagues are a fun way to shoot weekly and make new archery friends. Ace Archers hosts archery Open Leagues and Barebow Leagues, both leagues are indoors.

During the Open Leagues, members compete on teams against other teams. The teams are assigned based on average scores of the individual arches to give all teams equal opportunity at winning the league. Anyone 16 years old and older can joint the Open League. The leagues are handicapped so when teams face each other, the team with a lower average receives extra points as a handicap. The Open League is shooting 18 meters on the 40 cm multi-color target face. The Open League is shooting under the timer with 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows. There will be 10 seconds to come to the line. The Open League allows any kind of bow (Olympic Recurve, Target Compound, Longbow, Traditional Recurve, Hunting Compound, or Barebow). We will be shooting a double line. The Open League is a great way to prepare for Indoor World Archery Tournaments! Open Leagues are on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm. To join the Open League call us a 774-215-5292 or email us.

The Barebow League is extremely popular! The competitors are shooting a Barebow (Longbow, Traditional Recurve, Barebow); in other words no sights and no stabilizers! The archers are assigned to teams. Anyone 16 years old or older is welcome. We will be shooting 18 meters, on either the 40 cm multi-color target face or the 60 cm multi-color target face. Barebow League is on Tuesday afternoon at 1:15 pm. Can’t schedule yourself for Tuesdays at 1:15pm? Then shoot the Barebow League during Open League on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. To join the Barebow League email us or call us a 774-215-5292.

The Open League and Barebow League run for 12 weeks. The first two weeks we shoot for average. Weeks 3 – 6, we shoot the 1st half. Weeks 7 – 10, we shoot the 2nd half. During the finals, in week 11, the winners of the 1st half shoot-off against the winners of the 2nd half. Everyone shoots during the finals.  The 12th week is league awards at the shop.

Want to join a league? Our next leagues will be starting shortly so please email us if you’d like to participate or call us at 774-215-5292! There are sign-up sheets at the front desk.

The date for Open and Barebow Leagues for the year are:

    • Fall
      • Starts 10/8/2019
      • Ends 1/7/2020
      • League Dinner 1/7/2020
    • Winter
      • Starts 1/21/2020
      • League Suspended Due to COVID-19 Pandemic on 3/17/2020
      • 7/7/2020
      • 7/28/2020 for awards (but no League Dinner)