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2015 Cobweb Classic Archery Tournament

The Cobweb Classic Archery Tournament was held on September 18-20, 2015. We had 135 archers during the tournament who shot 137 times! (Two people Joan Pooley (Barebow and Olympic Recurve) and Dave Weaver (Olympic Recurve and FITA Compound), shot in two different Categories.)

During the tournament, Bruce Wargat, Masters 60 Compound, shot a fantastic game! In the first half, Bruce scored a 289, 1 point from his Gold Olympian. Bruce was disappointed, but he was driven to do better during the second half. Due to his determination and his awesome skills, during the second half Bruce shot a 293 and earned his Gold Olympian. Bruce’s total score was an awesome 582! Congratulations Bruce Wargat!

Thanks to all for attending the tournament! Without the archers, the tournament would not happen.

I would like to thank all the people who made the tournament possible:

Judges: Mike Fitzpatrick, Alan Rudolph, Mike Chase, Joan Pooley and Tom Herrington

Volunteers from the Brandeis Archery Club:

Jonathon Burdo, Alex Carter, Grace Gao, Anisa Haque, Austin Lai, Sarah Lemelman, Tiffany Li, Bangyan Liu, Krishna Narayanan, Zach Robinson, Talia Sabato, Anna Yeh and Michael Yu.

Kathy Herrington for all the work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

All the staff at Ace Archers, Inc. for all the hard work setting-up, repairing and maintaining the shop all year round!

2015 Cobweb Classic Results Final Results!

2015 Cobweb Classic Complete Archer Listing

2015 Cobweb Class Archer Listing by Equipment