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2015 JOAD Fall Tournament

Sign up for the 2015 JOAD Indoor Fall Tournament November 21, 2015.

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm


There results are in!

  1.  This tournament is only open to Ace Archers JOAD Members with a USA Archery Membership. (If you are attending an Archery Class at Ace Arches, Inc. you are a member of Ace Archers JOAD.)
  2. Qualification Round – 10 ends, 3 arrows per end, Single Line, 2 minutes 10 seconds per end
    • We will be using the timing clock.
  3. No dress code
  4. Double Scoring
    • 3 or 4 people per scoring group
    • 2 people record the score
    • 1 person calls the arrows
    • 1 person marks the arrows
  5. Each person will be in a category based on their JOAD and ATP rank:
    Age Group Star Rank Distance Target Size
    Youth No Rank, Green Star, Purple Star, Grey Star 9 Meters 60 cm
    Youth White Star, Black Star 18 Meters 60 cm
    Youth Blue Star 18 Meters 40 cm
    Youth Red Star, Yellow Star 18 Meters 60 cm
    Youth Bronze, Silver or Gold Olympian 18 Meters 40 cm
     Adult  No Rank, Green Star, Purple Star  9 Meters  60 cm
     Adult  Grey Star, White Star, Black Star  18 Meters  40 cm
     Adult  Blue Star  18 Meters  40 cm
     Adult  Red Star, Yellow Star  18 Meters  40 cm
     Adult  Bronze, Silver or Gold Olympian  18 Meters  40 cm
     Coaches Division  Any Rank, All Bows  18 Meters  40 cm
  6. Divisions (bow type): Barebow (FITA Barebow, Genesis Barebow and all Traditional Recurve and Longbows), Olympic Recurve (Recurve with sight and/or stabilizer) and Compound (Genesis class bows with a sight and all other compound bows; Genesis Barebow is excluded).
  7. Each archer competes with only those in their own division and category.
  8. Adult Compound bows use the inner ten; all other archers use the outer ten.
  9. Final Results will be announced on this page for the tournament at the end of the tournament.
  10. There will be no awards for this tournament.
  11. There is a strict limit of 14 people per line.
    • We will try to keep family members on the same shooting line, unless otherwise requested.
  12. Application fee is $12. You may use a Combo Class Card’s Self Directed Practice or Thursday Practice to pay the application fee. The fee is due at when the application is received.
  13. You will be assigned a shooting time based on how early you apply for the tournament. The 6:30 pm time will be filled first, 7:30 pm time will be filled second and 8:30 pm time will be filled third.
  14. You will be notified of the shooting time when you pass in your application.
  15. There will be a list of athletes and their shooting time on this page for the tournament.