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2016 Cobweb Classic

The 2016 Cobweb Classic is completed!

2016 Cobweb Classic Archer Listing as of 6:08 pm 9/17/2016

2016 Cobweb Classic Equipment Listing as of 6:08 pm 9/17/2016

2016 Cobweb Classic Results Final Results!

Session Count
Session Count
Fri 7:00 PM 13
Sat 1:00 PM 27
Sat 10:00 am 23
Sat 4:00 PM 12
Sun 1:00 pm 27
Sun 10:00 am 28

Total: 130 participants – 1 Withdrawal

My Thanks to all the archers, judges and volunteers who made this possible! The judges were: Alan Rudolph, Joan Pooley, Brian O’Hearne, Tom Herrington, Siobhan Droney and Sue Bock. The people that helped set-up the range were Elliot Thompson, Kathy Herrington, Joan Pooley, Steve Gariepy and Tom Herrington. But the most important people are the archers! Without you, our efforts are nothing. Thanks!

The tournament is a Indoor Round and consists of a 600 round (20 ends of 3 arrows) within a two minute time period per end. All competitors will shoot at a 40 cm FITA single spot multi­color face or a triangular 3 ­spot multicolor face at 18 meters. Inner 10 ring will be in effect for the FITA Compound divisions and classes. The outer 10 ring will be in effect for all classes in FITA Olympic Recurve, Longbow, Traditional Recurve, and FITA Barebow.The 2016 Cobweb Classic is a Star FITA Tournament. The tournament is on Friday at 7:00 pm or Saturday at 10:00 am or Saturday at 1:00 pm or Saturday at 4:00 pm or Sunday at 10:00 am or Sunday at 1:00 pm.

FITA Constitution and Rules and USA Archery Dress Code will be strictly observed for competitors in the FITA Olympic Recurve, FITA Compound and FITA Barebow divisions. Traditional Recurve and Longbow divisions follow USA Archery Traditional Rules and USA Archery Dress Code.

All competitors must be members of USA Archery. NFAA Member can get a free USA Archery Temporary Membership.

Awards will be presented on Sunday, 9/18/2016, after the 1:00 pm line.