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2017 Outdoor Warm-ups

2017 Outdoor Warm-up 6/4/2017 Results

2017 Outdoor Warm-up 6/4/2017 Archer Listing

2017 Outdoor Warm-up 5/7/2017 Results

2017 Outdoor Warm-up 5/7/17 Archer Listing

Outdoor warm-ups are the first tournaments for the outdoor season. An outdoor warm-up is a great opportunity to prove we have dusted off our outdoor skills and gives us a chance to test our outdoor equipment.

An Outdoor Warm-up is a non-sanctioned tournament that is run like a Star FITA tournament but does not count in SAAM rankings or USA Archery rankings. A warm-up, whether an indoor or outdoor, helps us prove we are ready for prime time tournaments.

We at Ace Archers JOAD have two outdoor warm-ups during the outdoor tournament pre-season so the local archers can be ready for outdoor tournaments.This year the dates of these events are 5/7/2017 and 6/4/2017.

Archery Outdoor Warmup Distances

Any archer can join any distance. A Master (60+) can join the Youth Class and shoot 30 meters, or a Junior can join the Senior Class to shoot 70 meters. Compound archers can shoot any distance.

Register for the Outdoor Warmups at Ace Archers

You can preregister for the 2017 Outdoor Warm-up here. Registration fees for both youth and adults is $25.

You can also perform walk-in registration on the day of the tournament and if there is space, you can shoot in the tournament. If you are ready for some fun, try an outdoor warm-up! We guarantee they’ll be a blast! They’re a great place to start if you are wanting to compete in an outdoor tournament for the first time.