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2018 Pin Shoot and Challenge Round

2018 Outdoor Pin Shoot and Challenge Round Lane Listing
2018 Outdoor Pin Shoot and Challenge Round Archers Listing

The 2018 Outdoor Pin Shoot and Challenge Round will be held at the Memorial Park Practice Field, on Hope St, Mansfield, MA on 6/24/2018.

There are two activities during 2018 Outdoor Pin Shoot and Challenge Round event. First there is a JOAD and Adult Achievement Program Qualification Round for the JOAD and Adult Achievement Program ranks. Second is a Challenge Round.

The JOAD and Adult Achievement Program Pin Shoot Round will start at 9:00 am. Each archer is shooting on the correct size target face at the correct distance for their next rank. Please see JOAD Achievement Outdoor Chart and the Adult Achievement Program Outdoor Chart. Please work out the distance and target face size with the leadership of your club. The pins will be awarded by your club’s leaders at your club meetings; Ace Archers can not present achievement awards to USA Archery members who are not members of Ace Archers.

All competitors must be members of USA Archery and members of a USA Archery Club. Since this is for fun and USA Archery Achievement Awards, the competitors must belong to USA Archery and be a member of a JOAD Club, Adult Archery Achievement Club, or a USA Archery Collegiate Club.

The Pin Shoot is 6 ends of 6 arrows per end under a 4-minute time limit. There are 4 practice ends before the scoring begins. Scoring is double scoring. You are taking both scorecards with you when you have completed the Pin Shoot. Ace Archers will NOT be collecting the score cards from the archers.

The Challenge Round is a head-to-head fun shoot. You will be shooting at the same distance and target face as you did during the Pin Shoot. Each Challenge Round is 3 ends and winners are determined by cumulative score. If there is a tie, then single arrow shoot-off will resolve all ties and single arrow shoot-offs are performed until a winner is determined. There will be 6 Challenge Rounds. During odd numbered Challenge Rounds, Youths (JOAD) can challenge anyone. During even numbered Challenge Rounds, Adults challenge anyone. You must accept the Challenge. If there are archer(s) who do not have a Challenge, the Tournament Director will assign a challenge to the remaining archer(s). The Winner bestows a Rubber Chicken to the Loser. The Loser presents the Winner with a Trinket from the Trinket Box. The Trinkets and the Rubber Chickens are provided by Ace Archers, Inc. All ends are shot 6 arrows per end. We will continue with the Challenge Round from the end of the Pin Shoot until 4:00 pm.

FITA Constitution and Rules and USA Archery Dress Code will be strictly observed for all FITA Olympic Recurve, FITA Compound and FITA Barebow divisions and Traditional Archers. USA Archery Traditional Rules are in effect for Longbow and Traditional Recurve divisions. US Archery Collegiate Dress Code applies to Collegiate Archers.

The application for the 2018 Outdoor Pin Shoot and Challenge Round is here.