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2020 Indoor Archers Cup New Date

Saturday, 5/30/2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cancelling of other sports, including archery events, plus the closings of colleges, universities, public schools, private schools, and cancellation of other large gatherings, Ace Archers, Inc. has decided to cancel the 2020 Indoor Archer’s Cup.

We are very sorry to cancel the 2020 Indoor Archer’s Cup Tournament.

The reason we cancelled the tournament is COVID-19 and USA Archery’s new requirements for abuse prevention.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic is the major reason we are cancelling the tournament.

But USA Archery has put in place extreme measures to attempt to ensure people are not abused. The measures are:

To verify that all the “Event Personnel” have a current USA Archery Background Check and are currently certified by the US Center for Safe Sport for the “Safe Sport” course the tournament director must access every person’s USA Archery account, access their certifications, and review the status of the USA Archery Background Check, the status of the US Center for Safe Sport “Safe Sport” course, and the athletes disciplinary status to review the three status for a “green light”. This takes 5-7 minutes to validate each person. For a tournament with 100 athletes, 12 volunteers/employees, 7 judges/director of shooting, and 14 coaches/instructors this takes 665 to 931 minutes. This is 13 to 16 hours of mind numbing work. Since this effort does not cover any parent that wishes to help their child with their equipment, drinks, food, emotional support, or to celebrate their success or to help them shoot better. You can see this quickly grows out of control.

The issue does not stop with “verifying.” After consulting with our lawyers, records will have to be kept of:

The records will be needed if and when an abused person sues USA Archery, USOPC, Ace Archers, Inc., or the Insurance Companies of USA Archery, USOPC, or Ace Archers, Inc. Since there is no statute of limitations for abuse, these records will have to maintained forever.

All these actives do is shift the legal responsibility from the USOPC and USA Archery to the tournament director. All these activities do is shift the monetary liability from the insurers to the tournament director. Even when the tournament director performs all this work they will have to engage legal consul to protect themselves from the victim, USOPC, USA Archery, and their Insurance Companies.

As a child, I was raped. As a rape survivor, I can tell you, without a doubt, that a child abuser can take the US Center for Safe Sport “Safe Sport” on-line course and receive the certification and the unknown abuser can pass a USA Archery Background Check. These two items do nothing to protect the abused person. They only identify the known abuser. The rapist that attacked me was not a known rapist to my parents or myself. The rapist was known to local law enforcement but was not convicted. Therefore a USA Archery Background check may have flagged them if the local law enforcement put them in the system, and if the person was convicted.

The abusers we have to worry about are not the abusers that are known, but the majority of abusers that are unknown.

Since we cannot identify all the abusers, we need to protect our children and ourselves from abusers by active measures. Not by Background Checks that only flag convicted abusers. Not by a “Safe Sport” course that educates you on what abuse is, what are the earmarks of abuse, and your first reporter requirements. These are nice ideas that do not protect children or ourselves from abuse. We must actively protect our children and ourselves from abuse, not USA Archery and not the USOPC.

Thomas Herrington

Head Coach and President of Ace Archers, Inc.