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2022 Northeastern Invitational

2022 Northeastern Invitational Final Results

The 2022 Northeastern Invitational is a Sanctioned USA Archery Tournament. The tournament is on Saturday, 11/19/22, at  7:00 pm. There is a strict limit of 28 archers. First come, First Serve.

The tournament is a USA Archery Indoor Round and consists of a 600 round (20 ends of 3 arrows) within a two-minute time limit per end. All competitors will shoot at a 40 cm FITA multi­color face or a triangular 3-­spot face at 18 meters. The inner-10 ring will be in effect for the Compound Division. The outer-10 ring will be in effect for all classes in Olympic Recurve, Barebow and Fixed Pins.

The category classes are:

The divisons are:

The entry fee is $30.00.

World Archery Constitution and Rules and USA Archery Collegiate Dress Code will be strictly observed for all competitors.

To register for the tournament go to the USA Archery website, search for the “2022 Northeastern Invitational”, use the “ENTER” button, and fill out your registration information.

Cancellation policy: A full refund of the application fee is available until 11/14/22 at 8:00 am. Please contact Coach Tom Herrington at 774-215-5292 or therrington@acearchers.com.

All competitors must be members of USA Archery and a member of a USA Archery Collegiate Club.

We are on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator.