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2022 USA Archery Virtual Tournament – 4th Quarter

The USA Archery 4th Quarter Virtual Tournament is held across the country at many archery clubs. There are two events rolled into one; an individual event and a team event. You shoot one time and use the scores for both events! Team are of the same gender and same bow type, without regard to age.

The USA Archery 4th Quarter Virtual Tournament is held one date per group. The dates are:

Results for the 2022 USA Archery Autumn Virtual Indoor Tournament

Ace Archers JOAD Club participated in the 2022 USA Archery Virtual Autumn Virtual Indoor Tournament. We had 22 competitors entered and 3 teams. The results can be found at https://www.usarchery.org/resources/2022-autumn-q4-virtual-tournament-results-120123182523.pdf.

The Individual Archers were:

Catherine Botsford-Milne       50+ Recurve Women              2nd of 4 Competitors
Stephanie Cesa                       Senior Barebow Women        1st of 15 Competitors
Jacques Cote                           50+ Recurve Men                   1st of 7 Competitors
Ethan Gordon                         50+ Recurve Men                   4th of 7 Competitors
Cailyn Kim                               U18 Recurve Women             14th of 29 Competitors
Arlyss Milne                            Senior Recurve Women          6th of 16 Competitors
Adam Parchesky                     Senior Recurve Men               14th of 18 Competitors
Karan Patel                             Senior Recurve Men               13th of 18 Competitors
Paula Paxson                           50+ Barebow Woen                1st of 8 Competitors
Kristina Ryaboy                       Senior Recurve Women          8th of 16 Competitors
Aaron Samuels                        U18 Recurve Men                   7th of 18 Competitors
Layla Savage                            U15 Barebow Women            1st of 10 Competitors
Nuh Shaheer                           U18 Recurve Men                   6th of 19 Competitors
Maksim Straus                        U18 Recurve Men                   2nd of 19 Competitors
Matthew Visconti                   Senior Compound Men          8th of 13 Competitors
David White                            Senior Barebow Men              5th of 12 Competitors
Brain Willett                            50+ Compound Men               5th of 6 Competitors
Lucy Willett                             U13 Compound Women         5th of 11 Competitors
Daniel Xu                                 U18 Recurve Men                   15th of 19 Competitors
Xuemei Zhong                         50+ Barebow Women             3rd of 8 Competitors

The Teams were:

Recurve Men:

Team Shane    3rd of 3 Teams             Aaron Samuels, Nuh Shaheer, Maksim Straus

Recurve Women:

Humans           1st of 3 Teams             Catherine Botsford-Milne. Cailyn Kim, Arlyss Milne

Barebow Women:

Barebow is Better 1st of 3 Teams       Stephanie Cesa, Layla Savage, Xuemei Zhong

If the archer, or team, finished in the top 3 then the archer(s) will be receiving a Certificate from USA Archery. The certificates will be mailed to Ace Archers JOAD Club leadership.

The USA Archery 4th Quarter Virtual Tournament is an Indoor Qualification Round. We are shooting 10 ends, 3 arrow per end under the 2 minute time clock. There will be 3 ends of practice before scoring begins. There will be no break, we are shooting straight through. We submitting the scores to  USA Archery. We will be using the tournament to earn our next Stars!

If you want to register for the 2022 Q4 Virtual Tournament, please see send an email to Coach Tom (therrington@acearchers.com). Tell Coach Tom your name, Date of Birth, Category (Type) of Bow and date you are participating. If you want form a team, please let Coach Tom know who will be on your team and your team name.

A short summary of the Virtual Tournament:

Please contact Tom Herrington for more information at therrington@acearchers.com.