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2023 1st Quarter USA Archery Virtual Tournament

The USA Archery 1st Quarter Virtual Tournament is held across the country at many archery clubs. There are two events rolled into one; an individual event and a team event. You shoot one time and use the scores for both events! Teams are of the same gender and same bow type, without regard to age.

The USA Archery 1st Quarter Virtual Tournament is held one date per group. The dates are:

The USA Archery 1st Quarter Virtual Tournament is an Indoor Qualification Round. We are shooting 10 ends, 3 arrow per end under the 2 minute time clock. There will be 3 ends of practice before scoring begins. There will be no break, we are shooting straight through. We submitting the scores to  USA Archery. We will be using the tournament to earn our next Stars!

If you want to register for the 2023 Q1 Virtual Tournament, please see send an email to Coach Tom (therrington@acearchers.com). Tell Coach Tom your Name, Date of Birth, Category (Type) of Bow and date you are participating. If you want form a team, please let Coach Tom know who will be on your team and your team name.

A short summary of the Virtual Tournament:

Please contact Tom Herrington for more information at therrington@acearchers.com.