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Bow String Making Clinic

On 10/15/22, Coach Tom Herrington will be leading a Recurve Bow String Making Clinic for archers to learn how to make their own Recurve Bow Strings. The Clinic runs from 2:00 pm  to 6:00 pm. The fee for the clinic is $50/person. The clinic is limited to 5 people.

The clinic covers:

  1. String Materials
    1. Dacron
    2. SKB (Dynnema, Spectra, etc.)
    3. Vectran (Liquid Crystal)
  2. Serving Materials
    1. Nylon
    2. Dacron
    3. SKB
  3. Anatomy of a String
    1. Continuous Loop String
    2. Flemish String
  4. String Jig Anatomy
  5. Continuous String Making in Theory
  6. BiColor String Making in Theory
  7. Whipping the serving (tying a knot that does not come undone) – Everyone does this!
  8. Demonstration of making a Continuous Loop String.

Recurve Bow String Clinic

If you wish to sign up for the clinic, please call the shop at 774-215-5292 or email us and reserve your spot!