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Exercises Archery Athletes Use Part 1

Archery is a competitive sport and it requires years of training to be truly proficient. This is why a consistent workout routine is important. Equipment needs, technique, and shot distance are all factors that can be dramatically affected with an increase or decrease in muscle mass.

With so many workout fads out there just what training methods does an archery athlete use? Two very effective exercise types are resistance exercises and endurance exercises.

Resistance Training

Resistance exercises cause the muscles to contract against an external resistance to improve muscle tone, endurance, and strength. Calisthenics and weight training are examples of resistance training.

Calisthenics use your own body’s inertia and weight as the external resistance.

Types of calisthenics include

Weight training uses the force of gravity paired with weighted equipment (weighted bars, dumbbells, or weights stacks) to increase the strength and size of muscles.

Endurance Training

Endurance exercises train the aerobic system. The effectiveness of endurance exercises depend greatly on the duration of the workout and frequency at which the workout is done. During each workout your heart rate should become elevated and as a result you should break a sweat.

Types of endurance exercise include:

Don’t forget that doing your SPT1 exercise routinely will increase your endurance!

Archers need exercise to stay competitive! These two training techniques are a great place to start on the road to fitness!


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