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Exercises Archery Athletes Use Part 2

No two ways about it, an archer is an athlete! As an athlete, archers need to understand what types of exercises will help their performance improve. We have already addressed two general types of exercise that can help improve an archer’s abilities. Today, we’ll discuss two additional exercise types that are more archery specific.

Those exercises are flexibility training and shooting!

Flexibility Training

Being able to position your body, allowing adjustments to be made to your stance, is an essential aspect of archery. Even strength is useless if you are unable to get the bow to where it needs to be.

That is why flexibility is such an important part of an archer’s workout routine. Archer athletes should focus on upper body stretches; their backs and extremities should be their focus. However, you can’t forget your legs and hips. Stretching by Bob Andersen et al is a great source to find workout examples and to pull stretching techniques from.


Shooting is great exercise! Not to mention, the reason people take up archery in the first place, it is both practice and fun! All the same, even shooting should be approached with moderation in mind.

So how often is too often? The principle followed by coaches is that practicing between 3 and 6 days a week will yield the best results. Of course, the closer to the 6 days a week (including classes at Ace Archers) mark you reach the faster you will see results. However, you do need a day to NOT practice! Practicing 7 days a week will have you burning out and your performance will suffer.

Recommended Beginner Level Shooting Practice

Recommended Intermediate Level Shooting Practice

Recommended Advanced Level Shooting Practice

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