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What does Archery Require of Your Body?

So you want to be an excellent archer. Do you know that means you are an athlete? As an athlete you need to prepare your body for your sport. Archery requires that you have:

So what is an athlete to do?

  1. Perform some endurance training – running, hiking, cycling, swimming, three days a week.
  2. Shoot more arrows 6 days a week than you need to in a tournament; about 100 – 120 arrows 6 days a week. The arrow count include stretch band, Form Master/Shot Trainer, and actual shots.
  3. Perform SPTs to increase your ability to draw the bow. We have SPT1, SPT2, SPT3 and SPT4 to build up your back’s strength, endurance and flexibility.
  4. You need to do calisthenics. Yes, calisthenics are boring; but they get the job done. Perform some crunches, push-ups, supermans, lunges, and dragon-ups daily.
  5. You need to stretch daily; between all the arrows, endurance exercise, SPTs and calisthenics you need to make sure you body can still move with flexibility.
  6. For a sharp mind you need to pay attention to what you eat and when you eat.

This sound challenging but really this will help you live longer and have a better quality of life. Can you image yourself as a 70 year old person that still draws a 42# bow and shoots well? I can image me doing it and I cam image you doing it!

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