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When Should You Exercise for Archery?

Exercise – a vile word? I don’t think so. We all need to do it. We all need to do it more, especially if we want to get better at a sport. Every sport requires us to use our bodies, and exercise makes our bodies better.

So, when should we exercise for archery? We need to do some warm-ups and stretching before we begin shooting and we need to do some stretching after we complete shooting. When should be do resistive and cardio vascular exercise?

Resistive exercise is calisthenics, weight lifting, and SPTs. Resistive exercise should be done after we have completed shooting for the day. (Shooting arrows or shooting the stretch band or using bare hands). If we do resistive exercise before we shoot, we will not have the energy and control we need to shoot properly.

Cardio vascular exercise is brisk walking, running, bicycling, swimming, hiking, or whatever raises your heart rate and makes you perspire. Cardio vascular exercise is for your heart, your lungs and your blood vessels. Cardio vascular exercise is a good warm-up for you, provided you keep it short, maybe a 5-10 minute session; just enough to get the heart pumping and the body is perspiring a little. A major cardio vascular session should be done after shooting; you don’t want the adrenaline pumping when we are shooting.

So do resistive exercise after a shooting session, a little cardio vascular before you shoot and more after you are done shooting for the day.

How often to you need to exercise? You need to perform resistive exercise about 4-6 times a week and cardio vascular exercise 3-4 times a week. We need to stretch every day.

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