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Which Exercises Help Archery?

“Exercises! Exercises! Get your Exercises Here!” It seems every time we look at any media, someone is shoving their set of exercises at us. Some claim to make you long and lean, some to bulk up your muscles to turn your into a Greek god, others guaranteed to strip off all you body fat to make you look like a teenager again.

Really? Exercises only affects one part of the body? (Yes, each exercise directly affect only one muscle group, but every exercise helps the entire body.) All exercise helps you burn fat (along with a good diet). All exercise improves muscle bulk. All exercise helps you look a little younger. All exercise can make you look long and lean.

But which exercises help with archery? First you need a reasonably strong core to maintain your posture; so crunches, sit-up and supermans. You need a strong back to draw the bow; so push-ups and dragon-ups. You need strong legs to carry you to and from the target; so lunges. You also need endurance; so cardio-vascular exercise is in your future like running, brisk walking, hiking, cycling, or swimming. Also you need to learn the SPTs (Specific Physical Training) to strengthen your archery specific muscles.

The 4 SPTs

Of all the exercises listed here, SPTs work the best for archery!

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