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Who is An Athlete?

Rather than taking the time to debate the wide range of scholarly definitions of what an athlete is, our time is better spent discussing what defines an athlete. Across countless sports, as varied as the individuals participating in them, common characteristics can be found in those who excel.

Who is an athlete?

Athletes enjoy their sport. They find happiness in practice and competition, and understand the balance that must be maintained between both. Competition with no practice is futile, and practice with no competition is fruitless. They must also be willing to condition their bodies to best suite their sport; a runner is lean, a footballer is stout, and an archer is graceful.

To preserve that grace, exercise, proper nutrition, and rest is needed. Keeping a constant physical condition allows an archer to see consistent improvements in their abilities without significant backslides.

Who can become an athlete?

Anyone can be an athlete if they decide to put forth the effort and include athleticism and sport in their life. It doesn’t have to be an all consuming activity but an exercise in balance. Work, learning, family, friends, sport, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and rest are required in our lives and having time for each helps to produce a well rounded individual.

How does one become an athlete?

Why keep a diary?

An athletic journal can be used to keep an athlete on track with goals they wish to accomplish as well as keeping a detailed record of past changes and accomplishments. An example being they perform better than normal at a competition, what was different about this one versus the last? A diary can show if they’re recently increased trapezius exercises, changed their stance slightly, or adjusted their equipment. By documenting these changes the results can be replicated and improved in practice for the next competition.

An athlete is anyone with a love and passion for a sport, willing to put forth the time, effort, and discipline required to accomplish their goals.

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