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Breakfast for Archers

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

It’s True! You have just slept the night away and your last meal was either dinner or a late night snack. Now you have woken up and you’re hungry and your body needs fuel. Should you wait until a mid-morning snack or lunch? Well, maybe if you are a zombie you can wait; but humans NEED BREAKFAST NOW!

In fact, you need some food sooner than later. Yes, a cup of coffee or tea or an energy drink will trick your body into feeling like it has been fed. But you’ll pay for that with a mid-morning crash.

Think of your body as a car that never is turned off. The gas tank is the food you eat; but you cannot fill up the tank for an entire week; our gas tank is too small. You have been running all night, and your body has been fixing all the injuries from the day before and is busy growing (especially if you a teenager). You are running low on fuel. Breakfast is the time “fill up the tank” to be ready for your big day!

What kinds of foods should we eat in the morning? Proteins, complex carbohydrates, fluids, sugars and a little bit of fat. That means: eggs, meat, whole grains, water, fruit, low fat milk and a little dairy. How soon should we eat breakfast? As Soon As Possible!

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