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Private Coaching

Private Archery Coaching

Ace Archers offers private coaching sessions for all levels of archers, from beginners who have never shot before to advanced archers looking to work on specific goals.

Different than parties that allow larger groups to enjoy archery together, private sessions allow our skilled coaching staff to train one-on-one with archers or in very small groups of a one, two or three archers. During a private session, the archer(s) should come prepared to address specific topics or specific ideas for the purpose of the training session. Some ideas are:

Private archery sessions can be scheduled with one of our USA Archery certified coaches, Coach Tom Herrington, USA Archery Level 4 – NTS, or Coach Ellen, USA Archery Level 2 Instructor. The archer chooses which coach they want to work with.

Private Coaching Rates are $50 for 1 hour.

Private Coaching with Coach Tom

Private Coaching with Coach Ellen