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Outdoor Warm-ups

Outdoor warm-ups are the first tournaments for the outdoor season. An outdoor warm-up is a great opportunity to prove we have dusted off our outdoor skills and gives us a chance to test our outdoor equipment.

An Outdoor Warm-up is a non-sanctioned tournament that is run like a Star FITA tournament but does not count in SAAM rankings or USA Archery rankings. A warm-up, whether an indoor or outdoor, helps us prove we are ready for prime time tournaments.

We at Ace Archers JOAD have two outdoor warm-ups during the outdoor tournament pre-season so the members can be ready for outdoor tournaments.This year the dates of these events are 3/15 and 6/7.

Archery Outdoor Warmup Distances

Any archer can join any distance. A Master (60+) can join the Youth Class and shoot 30 meters, or a Junior can join the Senior Class to shoot 70 meters. Compound archers can shoot any distance. Recurve archers can shoot 50 meters with the Compound archers but must use the 6-ring target, with the 10 ring down to the 6 ring.

Register for the Outdoor Warmups at Ace Archers

You can preregister for the 2015 Outdoor Warm-ups up to Friday May 1st, 2015 for the May 3rd Outdoor Warm-up and Friday, June 5 for the June 7th Outdoor Warm-up.

You can also perform walk-in registration on the day of the tournament and if there is space, you can shoot in the tournament. If you are ready for some fun try an outdoor warm-up. We guarantee they’ll be a blast! They’re a great place to start if you are wanting to compete in an outdoor tournament for the first time.

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