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Endurance Training

Endurance Training? For Archery? Yes! Archery is an endurance sport!

During an outdoor tournament you will be shooting a minimum of 84 arrows per day, drawing your bow about 90 – 95 times, walking about 5 miles and you will doing this for 2 days for local tournaments and national and international competitions lasting for 4 days. Indoor tournaments are easier with only 72 arrows over a 2-3 hour time frame and walking only about 1.5 miles. The big endurance item is the last arrow must be as good as the first arrow.

So what should an archer do? You need to start and maintain an endurance training program! This is not a program for long distance runners. This is not a program for sprinters. This is not a program for triathlon athletes. This is a program for archers. We start easy and work up to some endurance training.

Of the following what do you want to do?

Hopefully you like one of the things above. My favorite is hiking through the woods watching the birds, mammals, and insects while talking with Kathy, my wife, along the way. Can you do something more strenuous? Sure! Do you need to do something harder? Not at first!

The program is easy to implement. A suggested plan is

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4+

By the time you have reached the fourth week, you will be performing your endurance training four days per week, with the peak work out for 3 minutes per workout with a proper warm-up and cool down period. As time goes on, you will  have to work harder to break that sweat; but that is the point of endurance training – to get you into better condition!

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