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Indoor Archer’s Cup

Indoor Season is almost over! In Massachusetts we have the 2015 National Indoors, the Shamrock Shoot (70 meters indoors) on 3/22, the Harvard 70 Meters Indoors (again 70 meters indoors) on 4/12, and the Indoor Archer’s Cup on 3/13 to 3/15.

The Indoor Archer’s Cup is an Individual Event only this year. Please register by Friday, 3/6/2015 to avoid the $5 late fee. 

Who can compete in the Indoor Archer’s Cup?  Everyone who has a USA Archery Membership.
Who must compete in the tournament?  Everyone in the Tournament Class.
Should you compete in the Indoor Archer’s Cup?  Yes! Competition is fun!
Will you win the tournament?  Yes, if you have the right attitude. You have to go into a tournament knowing that you will shoot the best you can, that you are prepared and that you will have fun! When you go into tournament with this attitude you always are in first place, whether you get the medal or not.

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