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Outdoor Mail-in Tournament

Ace Archers will be holding a USA Archery Mail-in Tournament on Sunday, 5/31/2015
for Ace Archers JOAD and USA Archery members only.

This event will take place on an outdoor range at Mansfield’s Memorial Park Practice Field at the corner of Hope and Church streets. The event starts at 9:00 am with field set-up and end around 11:30 am to noon with field tear down.

Everyone must preregister for the tournament with Jacques Cote.
Jacques Cote is the coordinator for the tournament and will be turning in the score information to USA Archery and communication point for th event with the club. Coach Tom will be running the events.
There are tournament registration forms available at Ace Archers,Inc. or download the mail-in applications here:

Outdoor Mail-in Tournament 5/31/2015 Application

If you participate in the tournament you are required to help set up and tear down the field.

The tournament will be held rain or shine. If there is thunder or lightning,
then we must stop until 30 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or lightning. 
There is no application fee to join in the tournament, but for both practice and the tournament
you will need to use two (2) practic
es on your Combo Class Card or pay $14 to use the field to help cover field rental fees.
If you do not have your own archery equipment, you can borrow some from Ace Archers, Inc.  
  • Equipment Pickup is from 8:00 am to 8:45 am on the day of the tournament and practice. 
    • Borrowers will receive: 1 quiver, 1 arm guard, 1 bow, 8 arrows, sight if needed,
      stabilizer if needed. 
      There will be a bow rack at the field. 
  • You will be responsible for the equipment. A credit card number, expiration date,
    and CVC number must be left with Ace Archers, Inc. in case you lose the equipment.

    • There will be no charge for broken nocks, lost fletching, lost points or bent arrows.
      But if a bow, quiver, arm guard or arrows are lost; there will be a charge against the credit card. 
  • Equipment must be returned by 1:00 pm the same day

We will be using lanes 12 through 22 for the event and the practice. Team Aces will be using lanes
1 through 11 for practice. 
The event is 6 arrows per end with 6 ends for a total of 36 arrows,
4 minutes to shoot 6 arrows

Tournament Bows

  • Olympic Recurve (recurve with sight & stabilizer, sight only, stabilizer only)
  • Compound (may use mechanical release, sight, stabilizer)
  • Barebow (recurve, longbow, no sight and no stabilizer)
  • Basic Compound (Universal Draw Length Compound – Genesis type bow, no sight, no stabilizer, no mechanical release)

Tournament Age Groups

  • Senior – Over 20 years old
  • Junior – through year of 20th birthday
  • Cadet – through year of 17th birthday
  • Cub – Through year of 14th birthday
  • Bowman – through year of 12th birthday
  • Yeoman – through year of 9th birthday

Tournament Outdoor Distances

  • Olympic Recurve – Senior, Junior, Cadet – 50 meters 122 cm target – Outer 10 Ring Scoring
  • Compound – Senior, Junior, Cadet – 50 Meters 80 cm target – outer 10 Ring Scoring
  • Barebow/Basic Compound – Senior, Junior, Cadet – 30 m 80 cm target – outer 10 ring scoring
  • Recurve – Cub Bowman – 30 meters 122 cm target – outer 10 ring scoring
  • Compound – Cub, Bowman – 30 meters 80 cm target – outer 10 ring scoring
  • Barebow/Basic Compound – 25 meters – 80 cm target – outer 10 ring scoring
  • Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Basic Compound – Yeoman – 15 meters – 122 cm target – outer 10 scoring
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