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Outdoor Practice

Ace Archers JOAD Outdoor Practice Field can now be used by everyone! The field is the Memorial Park Practice Field, where we hold the Outdoor Warm-ups and the Outdoor Archer’s Cup. Memorial Park is at the corner of Church and Hope Streets in Mansfield, MA. The field is open on Sundays, starting 4/30/2017, from 9:00 am to 11:45 am until 8/6/2017. There is an hourly fee to use the field and your must call ahead to make a reservation.

The hourly fee depends on whether you help set-up the field and/or tear down the target matts on the field. If you help set-up and/or tear down the target matts, the fee is $15/hour/person. If you do not help with set-up and/or tear down, the fee is $20/hour/person. You can pay in cash, credit card, debit card or check. Payment is due before you leave the field.

You will be using lanes 15-20 and there will be a double line.

The distances are 15 metes to 90 meters.

Target faces are included in the rental fee.

You must make a reservation by calling Ace Archers, Inc. at 774-215-5192 before the Sunday you want to shoot. We will take a maximum of 24 reservations for the outdoor practice field.

As you know, the parking lot is about 200 yards from the practice field, so you will have to bring your equipment a reasonable distance. You may bring a canopy to set-up for shade.

There is a metal detector available to assist with finding your arrows.

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